Mesolithic Deeside

Mesolithic Deeside is a group of archaeologists, students and local volunteers investigating the valley of the River Dee in search for evidence of the first humans to inhabit the area more than area 10,000 years ago. The River Dee is in Aberdeenshire in NE Scotland.

About Us

We are an informal local group with a wide range of members of all ages from school children to OAPs Our main activity is to walk ploughed fields in the winter to see what evidence the plough has turned up. See our About Us Page for more information

What We Find

What we find are the ancient stone tools used by stone age people. these are mainly made of flint and we find an amazing range of colours and shapes. They can be anything up to 12,000 years old. It is quite an experience to hold in yur had something that was made by another human so very ong ago. See out Lithics page for more information

Latest News

New publication by Caroline Wickham-Jones. Available on-line at the link below

Guidance for Investigating and Managing Lithic Scatter Sites in Scotland

For more up to date news see our Blog page

The Mesolithic Era

Find out more about the first people to inhabit the valley of the River Dee after the last ice age and how they lived. See our Mesolithic page for more information and links to videos and links to other sources

About the River Dee

The River Dee, in Aberdeenshire, runs from the mountains and glens of the Cairngorms to the coast at Aberdeen. Ancient stone tools found along its length attest to 10,000 years of human settlement from the earliest hunter-gatherers of Scotland onwards.


In addition to our field walking programme, we also assist with smal scale excavations led by professional archaeologists. find our more about our latest plans on our Projects page.

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